• A Perfect Example of the Isoceles Stance
  • Instructor James w/ handgun & flashlight technique
  • Instructor Joe Demonstrating Weaver Stance
  • Instructor James with revolver

Welcome to Gun Permit Center

Minnesota Permit to Carry Online/Hybrid Course
Minnesota Permit to Carry course includes: Range Fees, Gun Rental & Ammunition, Targets, Hearing & Eye Protection! Learn from the best!    $69.00 for Everything. Gun Ranges We Use
Minnesota/Multi State Permit to Carry Classroom Course
Learn from the best! Course includes: Range Fees, Gun Rental, Ammunition, Targets, Hearing & Eye Protection! Dynamic and Comphrehensive. $99.00 Classroom location  Burnsville, MN
Non-Resident Florida Concealed Weapons License Online
Learn from the best! Get your Florida CCW License online! The course has great videos, quizzes, a final test. Print out your certificate when done! $59.00

Considering a Gun Permit in MN?

Conceal and carry in Minnesota has made it possible for law-abiding citizens to carry a gun with them at all times for protection. At Gun Permit Center, we offer conceal and carry classes for residents, arming them with the information they need to safely carry a gun. While many people feel it’s necessary to carry a gun for protection, it’s just as important to make sure everyone who does so knows how to do it safely. This is why handgun carry permit classes in MN are required.

Our Courses Include What You Need

When you sign up for our permit to carry classes in MN, you will receive everything you need to obtain your gun permit. Our courses include range fees, gun rental, ammunition, targets and hearing and eye protection. With our hybrid course, you will learn what you need from online materials and then practice what you learn in the gun range. Our goal at Gun Permit Center is to make sure everyone is properly informed and practiced so they can safely carry a gun with them wherever they go.

We Want You to Be Safe

We all like to think that the proper authorities will handle situations that arise. Unfortunately, the police often aren’t there at the precise moment a crime occurs. With the possibility that a crime could turn violent, many people prefer to be prepared with a gun. Our Minnesota conceal and carry classes are designed to help you earn your gun permit and protect your loved ones if the need arises.

Making the decision to own a handgun can save your life... or the life of someone you care about.

How long does it take the police to get to you in an emergency? Three minutes..five minutes..even longer?

How long would it take a violent criminal to harm you or your loved ones? Whom do you want to protect?

Gun Permit Center, Inc. is only Surefire institute training center in Minnesota. Contact or Call us today at 952-290-0121 for Permit to Carry Classes MN.

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