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Considering a Gun Permit in MN? Conceal and carry in Minnesota has made it possible for law-abiding citizens to carry a gun with them at all times for protection. At Gun Permit Center, we offer conceal and carry classes for residents, arming them with the information they need to safely carry a gun. While many people feel it’s necessary to carry a gun for protection, it’s just as important to make sure everyone who does so knows how to do it safely.

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Friendly Instructors

I took the permit to carry classroom course and it was a great class, friendly instructors too.

Anyone looking for their permit should take this course.


Cedric C. -St. Paul, MN


Online Class was Spectacular.

The online class was spectacular.
I got so much more information from that than I got in my "live" class 5 years ago.  
You guys did a great job with it!
Jon B. -Belle Plaine, MN