I was looking to get my permit to carry, but I didnt know who to turn to. I chose Gun Permit Center's online class because I ran into one of the instructors at church ,so I felt I could trust them, and because the online class was perfect for my schedule. I previously had taken a permit to carry class but they were just a bunch of good ol boys. The class that Gun Permit Center was comphrehensive, and interesting. I learned alot. As a former Military Police for the Army I was comfortable with a handgun, but James the lead instructor provided a few tips.

Great job!

Don L. Shakopee,MN

I loved the online class. It was perfect for me. As a full time college student I could not afford a whole day to take this class. But the online class worked for my schedule. I was able to log in and out of the class allowing me to finish as I had the time.


Theodore G. Cottage Grove,MN

I took the online class and I was really enjoyed the videos. They were very helpful in understanding the use of force. I learned alot from the class.


Troy R.

Dale (Mike) J. -The online class was slick. No problems! -Coon Rapids,MN -2/6/13

To the guys from Winona area, Matt, Bob, Erik, and John. Last Friday these guys took the class, and drove up on Saturday to Burnsville for their shooting exam. The guys loved the online class! They didnt have alot of time, but they wanted to get their permit to carry. They took the class each for $89 and within 24 hours completed the course. Thanks guys!