If you don't carry a handgun, carry a defensive spray. 

They are easy to use, very inexpensive, don't require any special training, and are convenient to carry. We strongly recommend Fox Labs International defensive sprays.  All Fox Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays™ use organic pepper resins that have at least a true 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating, while most competitors use a maximum of 500,000 SHU. Fox Labs was the first company to use resins (coloring to stain the attacker) with this intense rating in a 5% product and the formulas are still unsurpassed!

Directions for Use of Defensive Spray

Hold the canister away from you by extending your arm. Hold down the spray trigger for 3-4 seconds, because short brief shots will probably not be effective.  Aim for the opponents face, and be ready to move as they try to duck or block with their arms.  While we don't recommend purposely getting closer to an attacker, you need to be close enough that the spray can work as needed.  If you're too far away, try to escape to safety and call for help.

About Pepper Spray

There are three main types of “pepper sprays”. One is CS, or Orthochlorobenzalonitrile, another is CN, or Alphachloroacetaphenone, and finally, OC (Pepper Spray) Oleoresin Capsicum. All three are often just referred to as “pepper spray." Of the three types, both CS and CN work by being irritants to membrane tissues, and take five to thirty seconds to be effective. In a dangerous situation that would be too slow to afford the protection that is needed in a close range attack.  They also have a poor history of not stopping persons who are drunk, on drugs, or psychotic. OC will give immediate results as it is an inflammatory agent.

OC is a natural product derived from hot peppers and concentrated. Since it is natural, it leaves no permanent harm and dissipates in thirty minutes to an hour. OC works by quickly causing eyes to slam shut. Also dilates the capillaries of the eyes thus degrading vision. It will also cause inflammation of the lung tissues which will cause a feeling of difficulty in breathing but is not life threatening. The body will react by trying to rid the OC through coughing, gagging even possibly vomiting.

OC works even when a person is drunk or on drugs. It works on aggressive dogs too.  The strength (effectiveness) of any “pepper spray” is mainly dependent on two things. The agent concentration level and the percentage used in the product. The concentration is a lab process but based on a measurement tool called SHU or Scoville Heat Units. The higher the SHU number the hotter it is. Many sprays measure 100,000 to 300,000 SHUs but newer ones are very potent at 2 Million SCU or the Fox Labs 5.3 which is 5.3 Million SCUs and that is very hot as the theoretical top limit is estimated at 15 Million SCHs.

We at GPC believe in the Fox Labs 5.3. We encourage everyone to carry this product over others. With a history of 15 years field use by prison guards, law enforcement. There are no reported failures of the product! We like it so much that we are a distributor for it. You can buy it in our store or at a class. Fox Labs pepper spray is highly recommended!

The percentage of concentrate allowed in a product is regulated mainly by state laws. Most states allow up to a 10% solution. Fox Labs 5.3 fits under the 10% and is the same full strength product that Law Enforcement carries. Most other OCs that are available to the public are a lower percentage than what Law Enforcement is allowed to carry. And some sprays are combinations which hope to increase the effectiveness of their product by a mix or OC/CS or OC/CN.

The other 90% of the product is the carrier and the propellant. The carrier, a liquid is designed to blend with the concentrate and aid in its disbursal when released. Normally this is a light natural oil or alcohol.

Because this is a product under pressure, over time some of the propellant will migrate out, necessitating replacing the unit. Also, keep it from high heat or it could explode. Never leave it in a closed car on a hot day for instance.

Dispensing of OC product is available in a fog, cone or stream options.
In terms of distance the product can travel effectively ranking first is the stream then the cone and finally the fog. Since keeping a safe distance from a dangerous person is good, the stream is the best choice for most of us.

The “button” that releases the product into the air is often a simple press cap like used on paint sprays. These are fine but can easily be aimed incorrectly under stress. Spraying yourself is not a good idea. There is a type with a cover that must be lifted and then the cap is accessible for use. This forces you to hold the spray correctly to orient the spray away from you and keeps the spray from having an accidental discharge.