One Day Class to obtain your NRA RSO Rating. No prior qualifications necessary.
Learn how to safely operate shooting activities on a range.
All Instructors and Range personnel should
have this training for Safety & Liability reasons.
RSO's play an important role in establishing range safety and rso 284192401 std


Supervise safe shooting activities and range operations
Inform and educate visitors on the range's rules
Occasionally assist visitors with firearm issues (stoppages, malfunctions, sight adjustments, etc.)
Know and understand the range's Standard Operating Procedures
Perform range maintenance tasks
Answer visitors' questions and help maintain a friendly and safe environment.


Typical leaders come from various organizations like Boy Scouts, 4 H Clubs. NRA members, gun ranges.
Class materials; lunch, snacks, beverages included


This course will allow you to become an NRA Instructor with a Pistol
This course is a combination online course and live instructor training with range time
Steps to take this course are:
1. Complete NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting -Phase 1 $60 fee payable to NRA
(This step MUST be completed before step 2)
2. Register for the Live Instructor with range time (2 day course)
3. Register for the Live Instructor with range time on the NRA website


We also have this class available on June 3rd & 4th in Edina, MN -Click here to register