Classroom and range time: Approx. 4 hours

This course is designed for a student to learn how to operate and properly maintain the AR15 weapon system.
Topics will include understanding the parts and nomenclature of the system, a basic understanding of ammunition
and ballistics, zeroing the weapon, magazines and accessories, slings and carry methods, carry gear, reloads,
trigger control, stance and grip, malfunction drills, transitioning to pistol, and time permitting shooting positions,
use of cover, movement, multiple ranges, multiple targets.

Student Prerequisites: Must be proficient and confident with pistol operation and follow 4 rules of firearm safety.mike
Permit to carry course preferred.

Student load-out requirement:
• AR15 Carbine with sling.
• Pistol or revolver (Centerfire, must meet minimum safety standards) with security holster.
• Spare magazines: Two, minimum for carbine and one for pistol
• Magazine carrier (recommended). Chest rig, plate carrier, battle belt or shoulder bag
• 300 rounds ammunition
• Eye protection
• Ear protection
• Cover garment/concealment garment and long pants.
• Water/hydration
• Flashlight (optional)

AR15s available for loan if students do not have one.  Any loaned rifles must use factory loaded ammunition only.
Ammunition and magazines available for sale if students do not have sufficient equipment.

Slings and cleaning kits will also be available for purchase.

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