Knife Laws of Municipalities in Greater Minnesota

Duluth – Ordinances.
Chapter 49 Weapons.
Article I In General.
49-5 carrying concealed weapons is prohibited.
49-7 Possession, use, etc. of slung shots, sand clubs and metal knuckles is prohibited
49-8.1 Nunchaku
Article II Switchblade, Spring-blade and Push-button knives.
49-10 Sale, possession, etc. is prohibited.
Mankato – Ordinances.
929a: General Offenses.
9.30: Dangerous Weapons and Articles.
1.000 Acts Prohibited.
C. Manufacture or sell for any weapon known as a slungshot or sand club;or
D. Manufacture, transfer or possess metal knuckle or a switch blade knife opening
automatically; or
H. It shall be unlawful…to carry any concealed weapons in the city…and unlawful to
have in possession any dagger, dirk, stiletto, or other –similar device of the type
commonly known as “switch blade” knife, spring blade knife, push button knife;
or any sling shot, black jack, metal knuckles, or other dangerous weapon…a
similar kind.
Rochester – Ordinances.
85.13 Transportation and discharge of weapon.
Subdivision 1. …the term firearm means…propelled…any dart, arrow, missile or
projectile remains attached to the weapon by wire.
Subdivision 2. Prohibition.
…a person may transport a firearm if it is in a closed case and not ready
for immediate firing….
Subdivision 3. C. Transportation …who has …a permit to …under the …Minn. Statue
Section 624.714.
St. Cloud – Ordinances.
Section 236 Parks and Recreation Conduct and Use Regulations.
Subd. 3. Hunting and Firearms.
No…firearms…or any other forms of weapons….
Chapter X Weapons, Regulations Relating to Use.
Section 1060:00 Use of weapons, guns .. No person…carry any…weapon unless it is
dismounted or broken apart or carried in a case in a manner that it
cannot be discharged.

Legal GREY area: The measurement of blade length may be done by two different means.
First method is to measure the distance from the tip of the blade directly back to the start of
the hilt or handle.
Or, a second method used to measure a blade is to measure from the tip of the blade and
then along the edge of the blade until the hilt or handle is encountered.
There is no measurement “standard” so either of these methods may be used.
Only Minneapolis declares they use the tip to handle form of measurement. All other entities
do not have a publish