Transportation Security Administration Knife Laws

Title 49 USC S 46505 Carrying a Weapon or Explosive on an Airplane.
(b) (1) …when on, or attempting to get on, an aircraft…has on or about the individual or
the property of the individual a concealed dangerous weapon that would be
accessible to the individual in flight;

T S A Traveler Information.
Prohibited carry on - Sharp Objects:
Specifically listed are; box cutters, ice axes, picks, knives, meat cutters, razor-type blades,
sabers, scissors with blades less than four inches, swords, axes, hatchets.
To transport in checked baggage it should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent
injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.
Domestic flights allow transportation in checked baggage, of knives, etc., but no
switchblades or automatic knives, if on interstate flights.

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