Federal Knife Laws

Title 18 US Code S 930. Possession of Firearms and Dangerous Weapons Federal Facilities.
…whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or dangerous weapon
in a federal facility (other than a federal court facility), or attempts to do so, shall be fined
…imprisoned…or both.
(d) Subsection (a) Shall not apply to –
(3) The lawful carrying of firearms or other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility
incident to hunting or other lawful purpose.
(e) (1) Except…
(2) Whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or other
dangerous weapon in a Federal court facility, or attempts to do so….
(f) each facility can have additional regulations regarding dangerous weapons
(g) (2) The term “dangerous weapon” means a weapon, device, instrument, material, or
substance, animate or inanimate, except that … does not include a pocket knife
with a blade of less than 2 ½ inches in length.
(h) Notice…provision… (a) …(b)…(e) shall be posted conspicuously at each public
entrance to each Federal court facility….
Title 15 Commerce and Trade.
Chapter 29 S 1244 Exceptions.
(4) The possession, transportation upon his person; of any switchblade knife with a
blade three inches or less in the length by any individual who has only one arm.

The 1958 Switch Blade Knife Act, Amended 1986 and Codified as 15 US SS1241-1245.
Switch blades and ballistic knives are banned in interstate transportation, sale
importation, or possession on Federal lands, buildings, property, Indian lands- maritime
Allowable exceptions: Law Enforcement and military.
Amendment 1447 to the Switch blade Knife Act 15 US Code S 1244 of 2009 provides that
the Act shall not apply to spring-assist or assisted-opening knives (knives with closure-
biased springs that require physical force applied to the blade to assist in opening)