Battery (in or out of)

A steel tube through which a projectile (bullet, slug or shot) will travel through from the firing chamber till it exits at the muzzle end. The chamber end often has either a forcing cone (Revolvers) or normally a larger shaped hole (firing chamber) tA firearm needs to be “In Battery” in order to fire and to be fired safely. This means the Action must be properly closed at the firing chamber. Due to the tremendous pressures that are created during firing, the entire cartridge/shell must be fully encased in the steel structure of the action at the time of firing. Any small opening can allow a cartridge/ shell to be able to rupture and spew hot gases, unfired powder, cartridge/shell fragments and break/damage the action which can also fragment, possibly causing serious or worse injuries to the operator. If not properly closed it is said to be, “out of battery”.  This action may additionally have a safety built in it to prevent it, from firing when out of battery.